Tuesday, August 7, 2012

All I Can Say...

Yes...tonight...from the start...

It was me...from the pump action to the judge bored "stiff" and his shocked court was me...


Thursday, July 19, 2012



After almost 2 years!!!! I Got A JOB!!!!!

Today was my first day and it was a good first day!  It feels like a good fit and I am looking forward to going back tomorrow.

Thank you to all that kept the good job mojo coming all this time!

Also, on the knitting front...

This weekend I will be launching a new group on Ravelry.  I will post a link to it here as soon as I get it done. I was going to do it today....but...I had to WORK!!!

Gotta tend the dragons...TTFN

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I am proud to say that it wasn't me...

Of course, I am told that the bigger the group the less likely it is going to be me...


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dark and gloomy

It's funny. As much as things change, things really do stay the same. 

I have been very slack on posts recently and I apologize, but things got dark for me. I realize that there are millions of people out there that are depressed and can't see any light at the end of the tunnel...there are millions that are much worse than I am...but for me life has been a bit dark.

After trying kinda hard to loose weight, mother nature kind of took over and I gained a lot of weight really quickly. A lot, like 25 pounds in 2 months, a lot. I got really, really blue...maybe even black.

School kicked my ass last semester, I had a major block with intermediate algebra...I pulled a C...go figure. I knew something was wrong the day that I had a total crying, I threw my book melt down after working on the same problem for 5 days and had a tutor tell me to "just think about it. It's easy." D came home just in time to witness the meltdown.

My body stopped working, the fear of pregnancy was definiately Aunt Flo for several months...went to the doctor to find out that why yes, Ms. Menopause was at the door...I have to say, I was not ready to hear that...

Needless to say that I have been trying to figure a few things figure out what I want and where I want to go...what I want to do...

For the first time in my life I am very self conscouse about how I look...I guess weighing about 330 pounds on a 5 feet tall, small bone structure frame will do that...I look back at the TV shows about the 1000 pound people and we all ask, "OH MY GOD! How does that happen?!"...It happens when you quit caring and the people around you try to help and you sneak food and ignore their pleas for you to help yourself...You don't eat and take care of your self because you hate yourself, then you eat to feel better and then you hate yourself all the more for eating...viscous cycle.

I have begun to go to behavioral health to "talk it out" deal with the aggressions that I have...apparently, I have a lot of aggression and anger that causes the dark times...Funny thing is though, that I am pretty sure I know more about my thearapist than she knows about me...She says I am good at redirecting conversation away from myself...D says I blatantly don't answer questions about myself.

Mood swings suck...not sleeping sucks...being angry and sad sucks...being fat sucks...trying to change it all sucks...

We went on vacation to the beach and I equate all of this suckiness to climbing sand work hard to climb to the top, only to have the sand shift and send you sliding back down the dune to the bottom...

So far, I've gotten back up and tried to keep climbing...most days I REALLY don't want to...I want to stay in bed and shut out the family won't allow that...

Thank God for my family...TTFN

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

For the record

For the record...

Yes, it was me that started the is not my fault that Apple has THAT app for the iPhone!

For any of you Knaught Knitters and Crochety Hookers out there, until further notice we will be meeting at the Panera's in Bentonville on Tuesday nights, 6:30 pm to 8:30/9:00 ish.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Who Says the knitting and crocheting artists have no voice?

USOC, once again, do you realize the potential fundraising possibilities that you could have had?

I am very happy to see that as a community, we, artists that knit and crochet, were able to get the message across..

These folks need to realize and remember that as artists that knit and crochet we are not all "grandmas" or women or homebodies...we are a diverse cross culter of everyone. I bet that even some of Team USA does some form of fiber art to relax...would that mean that they too are considered part of the group that takes away from Team USA?

It is also nice that the USOC knows when to apologize...

Friday, June 22, 2012

The "Ravolympics"...oops! can't say that

Long time no post, sorry for that and more on that later.  If anyone out there is still reading...My most sincere thank you.

It has been brought to the attention of the knitting/crocheting world that the USOC (United States Olympic Committee) is a bit "unhappy" with Ravolympics and would like the name, patterns and all things that are associated with it removed. That they feel, "a competition that involves an afghan marathon, scarf hockey and sweater triathlon, among others, tends to denigrate the true nature of the Olympic Games. In a sense, it is disrespectful to our country’s finest athletes and fails to recognize or appreciate their hard work."

I find this amazing, if you go to their website, the USOC is asking for donations to add stitches to the American Flag in support of our Olympic atheletes.

Something that I find really very sad, that the USOC and the Olympic atheletes are so insecure and so pompus that they are theatened by a group of artists/crafters trying to acheive their best, while watching and supporting our atheletes attempt to acheive their best. It would seem to me that these folks at the USOC would have seen the Ravolympics as what it could have been...a win-win for everyone.

Knitters and Crocheters are historically very supportive people. See the Yarnharlot's page and the Doctors Without Borders donation total.
I really think that this could have all been handled differently, I think that there was a real possiblity that had the USOC thought for a moment about it, a huge potential for donations to support Team America could have been found.

I know that I have never compaired myself to an Olympic athelete, but I have certainly pushed to meet a personal best while watching the Olympics. It was a time for me to push myself and to watch these incredibly talented individuals work to achieve their personal best and a lifelong goal.

I understand that legally, the USOC has to protect their "logo". What they need to remember, we are Americans too, and were not trying to take away from the athletes, but to feel more at one with them and to offer unwaivering support for our team and country.

So very sad that these folks seem to be so threatened by a group of artists/crafters...shame on you USOC for demeaning us because of your insecurites...I'm not sure that I will be able to watch the Olympics, something I have done almost religiously for the last 20 years, because I know that the USOC thinks that we as knitters and crocheters are less...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weigh in 2-19-12

Woo Hoo!!


I have been eating more regularly and it seems to be helping.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Weighing in


I came really close to not posting this week's weigh in. I could cry. I have sat and thought and I find that I am falling back into old habits and old eating patterns. I need to really get a grip on it and start eating better.

I am supposed to be getting my tax returns soon so I think when I do I will go grocery shopping and stock the freezer and cabinets with healthy food choices.

I have been lazy and I have to stop.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


For the last week or so I have been feeling unsettled. I don't know if anyone else knows what I am talking about, but I have. A feeling of dissatisfaction and unrest. Of not being centered.

I find myself longing for things that aren't happening and probably won't happen...unless there are changes...Changes that I don't really know just yet how to make.

I have yet to find the true motivation to start adding exercise to my day, yet I still get really aggrivated when I don't loose any weight...I continue to think that I don't have time and yet there won't be time unless I make, or rather, take time. I am still struggling with the idea that it is ok to take care of me.

I find that I want to eat...not just a "hmm, I'm hungry" but a deep seated NEED to eat. I am so stressed right now. Once again Algebra is kicking my butt. I have to find a way to get a different mind set about Algebra. I have 18 hours this semester, yes I did that to myself, but to get everything done, I had to. J, my youngest, is making me crazy. He thinks he is 10 feet tall and has the attitute to match. My house looks like a goat exploded, for the animal rights's an expression.

I watched a show about hoarders the other day and was somewhat disturbed, not just by the mess, but by what one of the phsycologists said. She was talking about how people tend to think that hoarders are lazy and undisciplined, but that was not true. She said that most hoarders were very detail oriented and very much perfectionists. That if they couldn't do something perfectly, then they would get stuck and couldn't go forward.  That statement scared me...

I look around me and look at all the things that I need to do and I get so overwhelmed. I need to start and yet I can't find a spot to start. When I think that I have found a place to start it kind of snowballs into what else needs to be done to do this...Basically, I get stalled and lost and a lot of the time, I don't do anything. The show about the scared me because I can see how it could happen...

So many things need change and I so don't know how to go about it...

Must go tend the dragons...ttfn.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weigh in #5

Who would have thought that about 9.6 lbs in I would hit a plateau?!


I suppose that I should be really happy that I haven't gained...but...something has to give.

I will make a concerted effort to add some form of cardio to my daily routine and *shudder* work with the bow flex.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Check In

Sorry for being a day late...5 page summary paper and got called in to teach a class at Mockingbird Moon.

So, here are the cold hard facts for the month of January.

1/1/2012 2/1/2012 Totals
Weight 312.6 303 9.6 Pounds
Neck 18 17 1 Inches
Upper Arm 19.5 18 1.5 Inches
Wrist 7 6.75 0.25 Inches
Chest 55 53 2 Inches
Waist 56 54 2 Inches
Hips 58 56 2 Inches
Upper Thigh 31 30 1 Inches
Calf 23.5 23.25 0.25 Inches


I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more lost, but I got to thinking about it.  I lost almost 10 lbs and I did loose 10 inches. I'm on track and with proper eating and if I add exercise, I will be in a good place.

Now for the pictures...they aren't pretty...but here they are....

Looking at these I think I must really rethink my shirt options. reading to do...knitting content in the next few days...TTFN!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Weigh in #4

Sorry to be a day late posting.  I have been crazy busy.

Weigh in #4 on Sunday...


I hate that I have gained, but I am really glad that it was no more than it is. I have the dietitians food plan and will grocery shop Tuesday. I will get back on the horse this week.  I will be back on Feb 1 with a picture, weight and measurements.

Gotta write 700-1000 words for Comp I...TTFN

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Sometimes life can be funny...not necessarily in a good way, but not necessarily in a bad way.

You always read, hear or are told that "before you begin any weight loss/exercise program check with your doctor"...Oddly enough, things worked out that I had a dr's appointment on January 9 this year and after asking the 2 questions that I had the appointment for, my dr. asked if I needed anything else. I casually mentioned that I needed to schedule a physical, I told her about wanting to loose 100 lbs this year, and my annual exam, ect. Dr. Bailey says..."We can do the physical now!" Uh??? OK?

30 minutes and a UA, a complete blood work up and dr's release to exercise later,  I leave the dr's office kind of wondering what had just happened. About a week later...Dr. Bailey's nurse called me...that's NEVER a good thing.

There were a couple areas of concern. My cholesterol is high...I'm 300+ pounds, of course my cholesterol is high...duh. The shocker though, my glucose levels where high. All these years my fasting blood sugars have been textbook perfect, around a 70 or 75. Apparently, the guidelines for diabetes have changed...

My cholesterol is 231, LDL is 157...apparently this is not a good thing. My HDL is 74, apparently this is not high enough.  My historical glucose is 6.1, high normal is 5.7...long story short...I got to go see a diabetic educator/dietitian today...

Rachel, the diabetic educator/dietitian, was very observant. She complemented the knitting I was doing. An enterlac bag for a class I'm teaching at Mockingbird Moon starting on Feb 18, 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm and there will be 3 follow up classes for questions and finishing. I'll post a picture of the class sample in progress tomorrow...

Anyway...I ask if I am going home with a glucometer, thankfully no. Apparently, I have to have my historical glucose tested again April 11 and if I can get it under 5.7 I'm in the clear, if not...well, then the glucometer comes home.

So I told Rachel about my resolution to loose 100 lbs this year. She looked at me kind of funny, I explained that 52 weeks, 2 lbs a's doable. She thought for a minute and got this funny look on her face and smiled really big...and asked me how she could help!!! I was gobsmacked!

We talked for almost an hour and I came home with a food plan for 1500 calories and 2 weeks of sample menus, PLUS a sheet showing me how many servings of each food group I need a day with recipes!  I am so excited about this. I told her about using and we talked about what I was eating. I explained that I was kind of lost, that I knew the basics but needed some direction.

Rachel made me an appointment to check my glucose and cholesterol on April 11 and she is going to see me every 3 months to help me stay on track and adjust my calories as I loose.  I think that was really cool. She did not laugh at me. She didn't chew my ass. She ASKED how she could help me.

I hope that she realizes that asking that question helped as much or more than the food plan she created for me...

Gotta make a grocery list...and read...TTFN

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Tale of Weight least last weeks

Yes, I gained weight...Yes, I am MAJORLY wigged by this fact...Unfortunately, I know why I gained weight last week...

I had a cocky food week last week. I was feeling over confident by the first two weeks and loosing weight. I ate sugar 3 or 4 times and I really don't know what it is other than pure addiction, but that throws me for a loop every time.  I drank soda 3 or 4 times...I know better. I didn't eat fiber filled foods so things didn't "flow" as they should have.

I knew on Wednesday that I was going to gain weight. I somewhat panicked and thought really hard about, as in I caught myself reaching for, using a laxative to purge. Heck, I thought about purging. Yes, I have done these things before. I'm not proud of it, but I have.

I decided NOT to use a laxative and I decided NOT to purge but to cope with it. It doesn't make me happy. It doesn't make me feel stronger. I feel like sh*& for gaining 1.2 lbs of weight...and I shouldn't. Life happens...but I do.

This morning, I made the rice bowl for breakfast. High fiber, high flavor and savory. I had coffee without sweetener or cream and I have my trusty water glass next to me. I am going to do my best to get back on track and make conscious decisions to make better food choices.

Like I said before...going public with my weight loss is not easy for me, but I feel like it keeps me feeling accountable, as odd as that may sound.

Today I will use the bow flex. I will take care of me. I will NOT beat myself up anymore about gaining 1.2 lbs of weight. I will shake it off and go on.

*sigh* always sounds so much better and easier than it actually is.

Gotta do homework, I'm the dumba@# that decided to take 18 hours AND loose 100 lbs...yeah...TTFN

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weigh in #3



Can't say I'm surprised. Two bad food weeks in a row...More tomorrow.


Monday, January 16, 2012

The Bow Flex


Lives in my craft/spare/soon to be office/bedroom...and it's scary.

I guess if you were not a 40 something, 5 ft tall, severely overweight and totally out of shape woman it wouldn't be so scary...However, I am a 40 something, 5 ft tall, severely overweight and totally out of shape woman, so it's scary.

Well, today I made it's acquaintance. I actually went in and USED it! The person we bought it from still had the work-out poster and I did all the upper body exercised on it. I will TRY and do the lower body work-out tomorrow.

I was really surprised that no longer than what I was on the machine, I have jelly arms and my abs are kind of the "gonna really hurt tomorrow" feel already...did I mention just HOW out of shape I am?

I used 15 pounds of resistance and did reps of 12, one rep per exercise. I know it isn't much, but I did it. I made the decision to, for that brief few moments, to take care of me...and I'm glad.

I grew up in a house where the mother figure - my grandmother - never did for herself. She always did for everyone else and had a tendency to be over critical when I would do something for me and inform me that I was selfish and I was bad for doing those things.  Long story short. To make the decision to do these few things, as menial and small as they are, for me. To take care of me. Is, to me, a big deal.

I'm really proud of the fact that I have maintained what I have been doing this long, yeah 16 days isn't that long, but it is. It takes 28 days to create or get rid of a habit. I am 12 days away from cementing a habit of healthier food choices. If I do the bow flex tomorrow, I will be 26 days away from cementing a habit of strength to start walking.

I like to walk, I DON'T like to walk on the street. We don't have sidewalks on our block, so you have to walk in the street. As stupid as it is, because no one drives crazy on our block, it makes me very, very nervous. I feel like I am being watched and it bothers me.

Now to just get past that...TTFN

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weight in #2

Don't know how but....



I have absolutely no idea how I lost 4.8 lbs this week...but I guess even if I ate more than I should have, not drinking 2 liters plus of soda a day kind of off sets things...


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Straightening Things Out

It's been a bad food week...If I don't gain weight back...I'll be amazed...

I sit here in my home and I am restless. I look around and feel the need to straighten. A need to get things set right and to clean and organize and put things in order...I get this way when life is particularly crazy...and life has been crazy.

School starts on Tuesday. I'm taking 18 hours this semester and I'm terrified. My daughter R is going back to school this semester. YAY!!! She has declared culinary as her major, so this should be fun. I plan on learning a lot from her culinary classes!

Life feels so out of control this week...and I can tell you EXACTLY where I feel like I lost control...Tuesday night I ate a danish at our knit night...I foolishly thought that I could eat a danish and be fine...Not the case...All I have wanted to do this week is eat. To a point I have eaten...a lot.

I don't know if everyone thinks like that or if it is just folks like me with a food issue. I realize after several years that I do have an issue with food. Much like an alcoholic...only have to eat.

I haven't eaten a bunch of garbage, frankly because I don't keep it in the house, I would eat it...or drink it if I kept soda.  It just seems like I have done nothing but eat, though I have been keeping up with my nutrition tracker. Painful as it may be. I hang my head and beat it against the wall figuratively...but I know that it isn't the end...I have the power to make different choices at the next meal...I have the power, maybe not the ability, to choose not to eat as much or if I just can.

I think that I am going to start my spring cleaning early and go room by room and deep clean and organize. To purge if you will the things that are unnecessary. At least I am going to try. Of course this makes me want to get the Spackle and fill nail holes and gouges in the walls and prepare for painting and then the trim would have to be stained and the tile needs to be changed and well, I just can't afford to do that right's a snowball effect.

I am going to go through each room and clean and organize and straighten. To put my Christmas tree away and such...I am going to try and get a schedule in place for my school work. I got way behind last semester...I wasn't prepared for how much time it required...This semester, I know how much time is required and I have more hours...send good fibes.

I have been knitting. Not a lot. My table lamp in the living room unceremoniously died last week and I haven't found one to replace it yet so I can't knit in there right now. Soon though I will say "f!@# this" and just buy some cheap and ugly lamp because I can't stand it any more.

I am almost to the decrease rows on my Skinner hat, I'm on row 10 of 24 before decreases and I have it in the dining room so when I am working in the kitchen I can catch a few stitches or rows here and there.

I am on block 5 of 20 with the Fireside afghan, I only work on it in the bedroom, I can usually work on it while I read, much of which I will be doing for school.

Have to go and get some water, I guess really in the grand scheme that since I am not drinking massive amounts of soda and I am drinking massive amounts of water...maybe the eating won't be so bad as if I was padding it with a 2-liter or more of soda a day...

Gotta tend the dragons...TTFN

Monday, January 9, 2012

Can't Win

So I post yesterday about my weight loss...YAY!!!

We had an incredibly crazy morning yesterday so I didn't get around to telling D about the 6.8 lbs I lost until we were on the way to have lunch with FIL.

I get a high-5, then, he informs me that he thinks that the way I am doing it isn't the right way. That I shouldn't deny myself certain foods...we went to dinner on Friday to Steak N Shake, had burgers and with the coupon I had, shakes...only I DIDN'T drink a shake. I was proud of myself, but for some reason it seems to be upsetting to him.

At lunch with FIL, we eat at a BBQ buffet, Cotton Eyed Joe's, while I did have a soda, I didn't have dessert. YAY me!!!

We get home and D and the kids are wanting something sweet and I told them I would happily go and get them something and D says, "no, you wouldn't get yourself some." I respond, "So?"

Needless to say, I didn't go get sweets, YAY!!!, and D tells the kids that I NEED something sweet.

I just don't get it...

I know me, if I eat sweet, I WANT sweet. I took my whole no sweets as a good thing...

Who knows...

Gotta tend the dragons...TTFN

Ps. Knitting content tomorrow!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weigh-in Number 1

Well, as promised...I stepped on the scale this morning...



Pretty good for a week that I really didn't do any exercise. I hope to walk next week and...there is still the bow flex...

Gotta tend the dragons...TTFN!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Something Interesting

I tried something new for breakfast this was interesting in a good way...more on that later.

 I did indeed make black bean soup yesterday from this recipe. I have to say that it was by far one of the easiest soups I have ever made.  This is what it looked like in the pot after I had pureed about half of it in the food processor.

I was skeptical...until I tasted it. It tasted wonderful! A little smokey from the chili powder and the cumin, a little bite from the salsa and just really satisfying. 
The recipe said that it made four 1 1/4 cup servings and I was really happy when I portioned it out that it actually did.  I have 3 bowls in the freezer and one in the fridge for lunch/dinner today.  I will definitely make this often. At 191 calories...I'd say that it would be a good safe food option.

I also decided that I would make some brown rice. I really like rice and beans and thought it would be good with the soup. Even at 216 calories a cup for the rice it still not a bad calorie count at 407 calories roughly.

I cooked 2 cups of brown rice which got me approximately 6 cups of cooked brown rice. I portioned it out this morning and put 4 in the freezer for use later with the soup or for breakfast...Which brings us to something interesting...I found the recipe for the Massa Brown Rice Bowl.  As I am a huge fan of
Asian/ Oriental flavors and food profiles...I was game.  There are mushrooms, shredded carrot, ginger, garlic, frozen peas, eggs and my *cough* additions, sarachi and bacon.  It was incredible!!!

I have to say that I have never had a breakfast/lunch item that was as satisfying as this was...I was comfortably full but not OMG stuffed...the eggs, while I overcooked them, had the silkiest texture that I have ever had in my life. I will drop the cooking time on the eggs by about 1/3 to 1/2 next time I make this. One of the big was didn't leave me wanting...something. I will happily eat this many more times. I will be trying other veggies in it and while I did add bacon, not in the original, it was still just 582 calories according to my nutrition tracker at To me, for an complete meal, I don't think that's too bad. Even on 1550 a day I still have around 800-900 calories for the day...AWESOME!!!

I have to admit that I did have one problem with the dish...Making the decision that I was worth cooking something for. So many times I have not cooked something just for me because I didn't feel like I deserved it. Today, I decided that I am worth cooking good, healthy food for. I think that is a lot of the problems that some people have with weight lose.  I know it is for me. The ongoing dialog in my head about "never enough, never good enough". To not feel like I deserve anything special or just for me. 

Today...I decided that I matter...I decided to, this one time, take care of me...hopefully more will follow.

Gotta go and try to make friends with the bow flex...*shudder*...TTFN

Thursday, January 5, 2012

You know your fat when...and some knitting.

Let's start with the knitting for the folks out there that could care less about my weight issues.

For 2012 I plan on stash shopping again and I am going to complete UFO's.

Skinner Hat

Fireside Patchwork Afghan
UFO #1 Skinner Hat
It is done with Sundara Yarn I got several years ago in the color "Aurora Borialis". I worry that the color may be too dark to see the lace pattern, but we shall see after blocking. I only have 1 repeat of the pattern and decreases.

UFO #2 The Fireside Patchwork Afghan.
I actually started this in January 2009! I started this during a week long power outage due to an ice storm.  I also discovered that I can't knit if my hands are really cold...I have 3 of 20 blocks completed and got a good start on block 4. Hopefully I will have several finished objects for 2012.

You know your fat when...NONE OF THE SHOES AT ACADEMY WILL FIT!!!!!

We went to Academy to get me some shoes so I can get started walking. I must have tried on 30 pairs of shoes and I have feet that were I not the size I am, could buy shoes in the kids department, but they are so fat and wide that a D width wasn't wide enough. Talk about depressing. I know shopping for clothes is depressing, but shoes?! I mean really!!!

On the exercise front I did get on an elliptical for a bit yesterday, not long 5 or 10 minutes, but hey any exercise is better than none right? I'm still afraid of the bow flex. It's in my crafting room so I have to rearrange some things, but I will make friends with it before the week is out.

As far as food goes, I have done OK I think. I have cut way, way back on soda. I have been drinking coffee, black, in the mornings. If we go out, I have been getting a soda, but the size that comes with the meal at fast food, not up sizing. It may not sound like much, but for me, it's a plus. I usually order the largest size drink that the place had. So I think that it is a good thing.

We ate at Backyard Burger last night and they now have the option to get a side salad instead of fries and that is what I did. It's a really nice side salad too, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and mushrooms with croutons on the side, I didn't use the croutons and only half of the raspberry vinaigrette that came with it. I also split a burger with my youngest, he was still hungry after the kids burger. I think that I did relatively well, but we will see Sunday morning.

I have been drinking water. I have one of those no sweat, acrylic glasses with a straw that keeps ice, so I really like that.

I am going to make soup today to have some good food choices in the freezer to make it a bit easier. I will do my best to take pictures of it when it's done and post it and the recipe tomorrow.

Gotta tend the dragons...TTFN

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Finished Objects

I had every intention of posting a lovely list with pictures of all of the items that I completed in 2011...I got a new computer for Christmas...I loved my old NEW laptop rocks! I am taking business classes and my new laptop has a ten-key pad on the keyboard!! I can't tell you how much this makes me happy. It makes life so much easier..

Anyway...Here is a list of my finished pieces from 2011 and as many pictures that I could find.

There was...
Crazy Train
Coming Home
Winter Clapotis aka Super Blankie

Stroller Blanket
Naked Star Hat
Josiah's Star
DeWayne's Afghan
Stor Lyndburg
Josiah's Socks
Sarah's Corkscrew Scarf

Josiah's Hat

Then there were a few that I didn't get pictures of...

Color work cup cozy
Adult head scarf with crocheted flower
Child's head scarf with crocheted flower
Basic hat for the Sunshine Group
Garter stitch bathmat

If I find any more I will edit the post...all in all not to bad though.

I have been doing the "Knit Doctor" at Mocking Bird Moon on Saturday's 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm, it's  a free service, so if you have a knit that is giving you trouble bring it by and lets see if we can fix the problem.

I taught my first actual "class" in was AWESOME!!! It was a color work class and we made cup cozies. I am happy to say that the ladies that took the class all seemed very happy and one went on to create a color work owl!! I will be teaching more color work classes and I will be teaching an enterlac class. In the enterlac class we will be making a bag to felt.  I will have the class sample in the store Saturday.

As far and the exercise and weight loss, yes, I realize it has only been three days, so far so good. For anyone out there with a food issue, you know everyday without a binge is a good day. The Bow Flex and I have yet to make's scary...but before the week is out I will use it. I will be going Wednesday or Thursday to get my running, I am not going to start out running...I have been told by a wonderful young man, that didn't flinch or judge when I explained what I was doing, that while I was going to be walking for a while before trying to run, that running shoes would offer more and better support for less chance of injury.  The Academy in Rogers, AR...just saying...

Keep the good vibes coming and wish me luck...

Happy knitting in 2012!

Gotta tend the dragons...TTFN

Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012…the ugly…the good

Well, here we are…January 1, 2012…and as promised, I am posting my picture, weight and measurements. It’s ugly…REALLY UGLY…which is why I am doing this. What I am going to do is, on the first of each month, I am going to post a new picture and my measurements. I will post my weight on Sundays. I realize that there are going to be major ups and downs…once again, please any negative comments, keep them to yourself.

Weight:               312.6 lbs.

Neck:                    18 in

Upper Arm:        19.5 in

Wrist:                   7 in

Chest:                   55 in

Waist:                   56 in

Hips:                     58 in

Upper Thigh:     31 in

Calf:                       23.5 in

My plan is to post about exercise, food and the emotion that goes with it…I mean, anyone out there with a weight issue knows that there are emotions involved. I thought for a long time that I wasn’t one of those people. I like to eat, I love food and sweets…well, let’s just say that I LOVE SWEETS!!! That’s what is going to be hard, keeping the sweets under control. Then of course there is soda…I LOVE soda…I will be actively working on reducing the amount of soda that I drink…but yeah, there are a lot of emotions involved in my relationship with food…

I will be getting a pair of running shoes so I can start to walk, to keep the hanging, flappy skin from being so bad. Who am I kidding; I’m almost 41 and 200 lbs. over-weight. There will be flappy skin. My goal for the year is to lose 100 lbs. of the 200 I need to loose. Not really unrealistic. 52 weeks in the year and 2 lbs. more or less a week and I should be able to loose slowly and by the grace of God keep it off.

Yes, 200 lbs. overweight…I am 5’ tall on good days 4’ 11.5’’ others and a small bone structure…

I am going to work on portion size, fewer sweets and less soda; adding more veggies, water, tea, coffee, fish and sea food; reducing processed and adding whole foods and grains. I may even add a vitamin, not sure about that yet. I have a doctor’s appointment on Jan 9, so Dr. approval should not be a problem.

On the exercise front, I plan to start walking, slowly; 10 minutes to start and building up. A Bow Flex came to live in my house this holiday season, so…yeah. We shall see how well that goes.

Please send positive vibes…

Knitting…Last year I “stash-shopped” all year. I bought yarn 2 times and they were small buys. I bought fleece once…not so small a buy, 2 full alpaca fleeces…yeah.

In 2011 as far as I can tell I completed 19 projects. I didn’t think that was much until I got to looking at them. I will do a post in the next couple of days with pictures of finished objects.

In 2012, I plan on stash shopping for the most part. What I really want to accomplish is to finish UFO’s this year. I have a lot of them and want some closure…I feel that this is the best way to do it.

School…I ended last semester with a 3.25 GPA and took 12 hours. This semester, I am taking 18 hours and feel much better prepared for the time and effort that it will take to make it through. I hope that I can maintain my GPA if not raise it up.

Well…here it is the ugly and the good…

Gotta tend the dragons…TTFN