Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Finished Objects

I had every intention of posting a lovely list with pictures of all of the items that I completed in 2011...I got a new computer for Christmas...I loved my old NEW laptop rocks! I am taking business classes and my new laptop has a ten-key pad on the keyboard!! I can't tell you how much this makes me happy. It makes life so much easier..

Anyway...Here is a list of my finished pieces from 2011 and as many pictures that I could find.

There was...
Crazy Train
Coming Home
Winter Clapotis aka Super Blankie

Stroller Blanket
Naked Star Hat
Josiah's Star
DeWayne's Afghan
Stor Lyndburg
Josiah's Socks
Sarah's Corkscrew Scarf

Josiah's Hat

Then there were a few that I didn't get pictures of...

Color work cup cozy
Adult head scarf with crocheted flower
Child's head scarf with crocheted flower
Basic hat for the Sunshine Group
Garter stitch bathmat

If I find any more I will edit the post...all in all not to bad though.

I have been doing the "Knit Doctor" at Mocking Bird Moon on Saturday's 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm, it's  a free service, so if you have a knit that is giving you trouble bring it by and lets see if we can fix the problem.

I taught my first actual "class" in was AWESOME!!! It was a color work class and we made cup cozies. I am happy to say that the ladies that took the class all seemed very happy and one went on to create a color work owl!! I will be teaching more color work classes and I will be teaching an enterlac class. In the enterlac class we will be making a bag to felt.  I will have the class sample in the store Saturday.

As far and the exercise and weight loss, yes, I realize it has only been three days, so far so good. For anyone out there with a food issue, you know everyday without a binge is a good day. The Bow Flex and I have yet to make's scary...but before the week is out I will use it. I will be going Wednesday or Thursday to get my running, I am not going to start out running...I have been told by a wonderful young man, that didn't flinch or judge when I explained what I was doing, that while I was going to be walking for a while before trying to run, that running shoes would offer more and better support for less chance of injury.  The Academy in Rogers, AR...just saying...

Keep the good vibes coming and wish me luck...

Happy knitting in 2012!

Gotta tend the dragons...TTFN

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