Thursday, January 12, 2012

Straightening Things Out

It's been a bad food week...If I don't gain weight back...I'll be amazed...

I sit here in my home and I am restless. I look around and feel the need to straighten. A need to get things set right and to clean and organize and put things in order...I get this way when life is particularly crazy...and life has been crazy.

School starts on Tuesday. I'm taking 18 hours this semester and I'm terrified. My daughter R is going back to school this semester. YAY!!! She has declared culinary as her major, so this should be fun. I plan on learning a lot from her culinary classes!

Life feels so out of control this week...and I can tell you EXACTLY where I feel like I lost control...Tuesday night I ate a danish at our knit night...I foolishly thought that I could eat a danish and be fine...Not the case...All I have wanted to do this week is eat. To a point I have eaten...a lot.

I don't know if everyone thinks like that or if it is just folks like me with a food issue. I realize after several years that I do have an issue with food. Much like an alcoholic...only have to eat.

I haven't eaten a bunch of garbage, frankly because I don't keep it in the house, I would eat it...or drink it if I kept soda.  It just seems like I have done nothing but eat, though I have been keeping up with my nutrition tracker. Painful as it may be. I hang my head and beat it against the wall figuratively...but I know that it isn't the end...I have the power to make different choices at the next meal...I have the power, maybe not the ability, to choose not to eat as much or if I just can.

I think that I am going to start my spring cleaning early and go room by room and deep clean and organize. To purge if you will the things that are unnecessary. At least I am going to try. Of course this makes me want to get the Spackle and fill nail holes and gouges in the walls and prepare for painting and then the trim would have to be stained and the tile needs to be changed and well, I just can't afford to do that right's a snowball effect.

I am going to go through each room and clean and organize and straighten. To put my Christmas tree away and such...I am going to try and get a schedule in place for my school work. I got way behind last semester...I wasn't prepared for how much time it required...This semester, I know how much time is required and I have more hours...send good fibes.

I have been knitting. Not a lot. My table lamp in the living room unceremoniously died last week and I haven't found one to replace it yet so I can't knit in there right now. Soon though I will say "f!@# this" and just buy some cheap and ugly lamp because I can't stand it any more.

I am almost to the decrease rows on my Skinner hat, I'm on row 10 of 24 before decreases and I have it in the dining room so when I am working in the kitchen I can catch a few stitches or rows here and there.

I am on block 5 of 20 with the Fireside afghan, I only work on it in the bedroom, I can usually work on it while I read, much of which I will be doing for school.

Have to go and get some water, I guess really in the grand scheme that since I am not drinking massive amounts of soda and I am drinking massive amounts of water...maybe the eating won't be so bad as if I was padding it with a 2-liter or more of soda a day...

Gotta tend the dragons...TTFN

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