Monday, January 9, 2012

Can't Win

So I post yesterday about my weight loss...YAY!!!

We had an incredibly crazy morning yesterday so I didn't get around to telling D about the 6.8 lbs I lost until we were on the way to have lunch with FIL.

I get a high-5, then, he informs me that he thinks that the way I am doing it isn't the right way. That I shouldn't deny myself certain foods...we went to dinner on Friday to Steak N Shake, had burgers and with the coupon I had, shakes...only I DIDN'T drink a shake. I was proud of myself, but for some reason it seems to be upsetting to him.

At lunch with FIL, we eat at a BBQ buffet, Cotton Eyed Joe's, while I did have a soda, I didn't have dessert. YAY me!!!

We get home and D and the kids are wanting something sweet and I told them I would happily go and get them something and D says, "no, you wouldn't get yourself some." I respond, "So?"

Needless to say, I didn't go get sweets, YAY!!!, and D tells the kids that I NEED something sweet.

I just don't get it...

I know me, if I eat sweet, I WANT sweet. I took my whole no sweets as a good thing...

Who knows...

Gotta tend the dragons...TTFN

Ps. Knitting content tomorrow!

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