Monday, January 16, 2012

The Bow Flex


Lives in my craft/spare/soon to be office/bedroom...and it's scary.

I guess if you were not a 40 something, 5 ft tall, severely overweight and totally out of shape woman it wouldn't be so scary...However, I am a 40 something, 5 ft tall, severely overweight and totally out of shape woman, so it's scary.

Well, today I made it's acquaintance. I actually went in and USED it! The person we bought it from still had the work-out poster and I did all the upper body exercised on it. I will TRY and do the lower body work-out tomorrow.

I was really surprised that no longer than what I was on the machine, I have jelly arms and my abs are kind of the "gonna really hurt tomorrow" feel already...did I mention just HOW out of shape I am?

I used 15 pounds of resistance and did reps of 12, one rep per exercise. I know it isn't much, but I did it. I made the decision to, for that brief few moments, to take care of me...and I'm glad.

I grew up in a house where the mother figure - my grandmother - never did for herself. She always did for everyone else and had a tendency to be over critical when I would do something for me and inform me that I was selfish and I was bad for doing those things.  Long story short. To make the decision to do these few things, as menial and small as they are, for me. To take care of me. Is, to me, a big deal.

I'm really proud of the fact that I have maintained what I have been doing this long, yeah 16 days isn't that long, but it is. It takes 28 days to create or get rid of a habit. I am 12 days away from cementing a habit of healthier food choices. If I do the bow flex tomorrow, I will be 26 days away from cementing a habit of strength to start walking.

I like to walk, I DON'T like to walk on the street. We don't have sidewalks on our block, so you have to walk in the street. As stupid as it is, because no one drives crazy on our block, it makes me very, very nervous. I feel like I am being watched and it bothers me.

Now to just get past that...TTFN

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