Saturday, October 17, 2009


Saturdays in my house usually have something of a rhythm you could say...the baby, aka my 4 almost 5 year old, wakes up me and D, D growls at J to go back to bed...I might add that it is usually around 6 am. On a school takes an act of God to get him up. After a couple more wake up calls from J, I get up and turn on cartoons for him and go back to bed. I watch a couple of shows then get up and grind coffee and go back to lay down while it brews.

D and I will get up and J will migrate to our room to watch cartoons or he will dress to go out and play. R the oldest child in the house is usually up and doing her laundry...yeessss, she does her own laundry...and she is normally getting ready to get picked up by Boy, aka my soon to be son-in-law. If not she usually is working on homework.

After a bit of coffee and crappy slasher movie, yes we watch crap on Saturdays, I start getting breakfast or lunch...depends on how you look at it. It is usually 10:30 am or 11am by this time. S might make an appearance to see if breakfast is being fixed, but normally she doesn't come out until breakfast.

After breakfast there is spotty housework, I hate to clean...and unfortunately it shows, D and S usually snuggle and watch TV, J is either watching cartoons, tormenting his sisters or outside...usually a combination of all three.

Me...I'm a controll freak...only one cooperates. I usually work on laundry and dishes. I knit or sew and I read blogs and do a bit of work from my iPhone. I LOVE my iPhone. Handiest piece of electronic equipment second only to my laptop.  I try to talk to my SIL in Kansas on Saturdays or Sundays. She is one of my favorite people.

I think I may try and finish my "Belt Bag" today.

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