Friday, October 23, 2009

Beaded Scarf

As I sit here with my Pooh mug of polluted cranberry juice I sigh hard and I am so thankful that it is Friday. I have had a very long week...It seems like all I can hear any more is dragons roaring...My stress levels are so high right now.

My children are having a hard week. S has been sick, hopfully just allergies and not the awful H1N1. She has also had a rough week in school. I hope that soon she is back to her self. It's never fun when your child is sick.

R is in Kansas City with JM. They went to meet some of his family. I guess if they are going to get married she needs to meet his family. He is a nice young man. They are just so young...

J he is just a ball of energy and spit...never a still or quiet moment. I hope that it is pretty tomorrow...I HATE rainy Saturdays. If it rains he can't get outside and play...I hate him watching TV all weekend.

D has had major issues with S and with his work. We were afraid that we were going from a 2 income to a 1 income house for a while this week...Maybe no...I hope not.

My boss has told me this week that he wants to make my job easier for me so I can have more responsibility...great...never enough, never good enough...I guess really the never good enough is not true but somedays...I have drank more soda this week and eaten more crap...I realllllyyyy have to find new ways to deal with stress besides eating and not sleeping.

I am going to do a hat for my boss and his wife though. I made one for his youngest daughter and she and both of them loved it.  I need to make one for his older daughter. In green with purple beads! I think C will love it. Green is a good color for her. I'm going to start it this weekend. I'm going to do the "Black Sea Hat" from, I think it will work really well for her. I made her "Odessa" for A so I think it will work beautifully.

Since I have stated something about this being a knitting blog I thought I would show some knitting.  This is a beaded scarf that I bought as a kit at "Hand Held Knitting" in Fayetteville, AR,

It is knit in two pieces and then a three needle bind off. I think it would have been nice if I could have kitchnered the ends together but it was all garter stitch so I don't think it would have worked very well.  I think that the worst part of this was putting all the beads on the yarn.  That took forever.

I have actually worn this, I wore it to my fathers funeral. All of the beads make it heavy and it stretches it. It was a fun knit though and I think I would try it on my own since I have the pattern.

Well, I think I shall go and browse the blog land and pollute myself a bit...I might even go soak in the tub. R gave me a book to read, "American Psycho" by Ellis, I haven't seen the movie so it should be a good read. 

Hopefully my dragons will have lace to knit tonight and I will be able to sleep...ttfn

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