Monday, October 19, 2009


It has been Monday allllll day long. Work is stressful. I work in the railroad industry. I have worked for my boss for almost 3 years now. When I got the job it was to answer the phone and run the occasional errand. Now...I am basically the Controller for 5 leasing and management companies. I wear many, many hats.

I have been trying to get some things finished up in my knitting. I have been working on my "Belt Bag". It is a Rowan pattern from "Classic Style Book 16". 

The pattern calls for using Silk Wool but I couldn't see using Silk Wool for something that could end up sitting on the floor. So I decided to use Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece.

It is really knitting up beautifully. The cables stand up beautifully. I have to admit though that this pattern has really kicked my butt. I had to start this 4 times. I had the worst time setting up the pattern. I hope to finish it soon. All I have to finish is the center strip that makes the sides and bottom and there is a band that goes around the purse, so not much left.

I went to my step mothers house on Friday night. It was really weird being there. I had not been back to her house since my father died. Her oldest son and his family had come up from Little Rock for the weekend.

I really don't understand how it is that my father died and I got my step mother as an inheritance. I mean she has two sons but she calls me when she is stressed and needs to know what to do. This really bothers me. I mean the woman has flat out told me that she doesn't like me, thinks I am a bad person and an even worse parent, so I just don't get it.

Plus, she keeps asking me what I want. I don't know how to answer that. He use to carry a silver dollar from the year I was born, I thought that would be nice, but nope, he apparently lost that about the time he quit taking my calls. Then, since I have a bit of experience with cars and the fact that he wanted a boy...I changed my first transmission at 15, that I would like some of his tools. Don't misunderstand, I offered to buy them. Nope. So I really don't know how to answer her when she asks what I want.

It all makes me very uncomfortable.

I am so out of sorts right now. I just can't seem to find my center

Did you hear that? My dragons are restless....

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