Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Normal...Then...Not So Normal

All my life it seems that I have been told that I am either "ashamed of my raising", because I wanted more than I had as child. That I need to be more "normal". Or the big one..."can't you cook anything normal?"

Now you may think that this is really an odd thing to be writing about, but I have been told/ asked by no less than 4 people that I loved/loved "Can't you just cook anything normal?"

I love food! I think about food constantly. I LOVE to cook and bake.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE trying new things and ethnic food...I think that food is just...incredible. Of course, I am short and overweight, but I know why...I don't hate me because I am fat. I'm's that simple.

The first person to ask me this question was my grandmother...this question revolved around a lasagna that I made. She didn't cook things like that. She was from the "old school", meat and potatoes. Food that fed you, nourished you and was utilitarian. Nothing wrong with it, was very thankful to have it growing up. I do not remember a meal, apart from breakfast, when a bowl of beans as a protein source were not on the table. This includes holidays...Because I wanted to eat differently I was dubbed "ashamed of my raising" and "can't you cook anything normal?"

The second person was my ex-husband. I made Chinese food. Something very Americanized, sweet and sour pork or the like, and I made fortune cookies from scratch to go with it. Needless to say, he was not impressed. The question of "can't you just cook anything normal?" was put out there as he walked out the door to go to Wendy's to get a burger.

The third time I was asked this question was by my step-mother. My step-mother and I have never gotten along. She doesn't like me, I don't care for her. At the time I was staying with her and my father and was doing the cooking and cleaning. I had made a really nice vegetarian stew with couscous and had sauteed chicken on the side. At the time, I also had a 11 year old that was a "vegetarian". My father, my daughter R, my son J and I were all enjoying the stew and my step mother looked me square in the face and said "Can't you ever cook anything normal?" Did I mention that the stew was completely organic? Did I mention that my step-mother is a morbidly obese woman? She was not impressed.

The last time I was asked this question...last night. D and I were talking about dinner and I mentioned making "Cuban" sandwiches. D has been under A LOT of stress lately, but he turns to me and with a snarl says "Can't you just cook something normal?!" I have to say of all the times I have been asked this question...I think this one hurt the worst.

For D and the kids, warmed up smoked pork, corn and steamed broccoli...*yawn*...

I, however, made carnita there!

On a different note...if there is anyone out REALLY need to watch this!!! It is hilarious!!!

                                                                 The Llama Song

This is one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen!!!

Well, must go tend the dragons...I will post about the UFO month of July soon...TTFN

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