Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Times Are A Changin here at the dragon is going through some any change, it is stressful.

My youngest, J started 1st grade house, even though S and I are here, is so quiet. For as irritated as I would get at him...I miss him being here.

My daughter S is beginning the home stretch of study for her diploma...long hard year in front of us.

My daughter R has expressed interest in going to school to become a phlebotomist...and she is a new to follow.

My partner D is starting to create HIS website...and it will be incredible.

I am starting classes on Monday at NWACC, 15 hours of classes. I didn't make this decision lightly...but...when I applied for a job as a secretary only to be informed that I wasn't qualified, I've done this work for 20+ years, because I didn't have a degree and no, experience means nothing, jerk offs, I decided that it was time. What really scares me is the number of people that are doing the same thing...only they have been out of work for 2 years or more...9 months isn't so bad I guess.

I have my classes scheduled to take 4 online and my one in class is beginning algebra...God help me. My math class is in the evening. Plus, apparently when you are a dislocated worker...FAFSA...they process your application...IMMEDIATELY...I'm talking less than 24 hours. My financial aid is suppose to fund by Friday. I just submitted the application last Friday.

I am going for a general business degree, but was informed that there are 6 technical certificates that I can acquire while getting the degree by managing my classes properly so I will be creating a spreadsheet today to keep track. If I can get them without too much extra trouble I'm all in.

Theoretically I can...get a full time job...go to school full time...home school one child...manage the education of my contract for D's work...manage a home...clean and keep laundry up and see to every ones care and comfort.

At this moment, I am very overwhelmed by the daunting task that lays before me...but...I am also kind of excited...but REALLY scared of failing.

There has been knitting...I am 8 rows away from finishing "Coming Home" yes, I know that the baby has already come home...I am to the decrease rows on my "Winter Clapotis" ...There has also been needlepoint...

Yes, I have been using the needlepoint to avoid knitting...but it's been a nice break.

Also, just so you little Tomcat has been properly attired for his outings in damp, cool weather...

Why yes, that is the "Stroller Blanket" that is snuggling that sweet child...of course I understand it you don't see the blanket because of the sweet frown and pouting lip...

Must go tend the dragons...they are really restless and loud...TTFN

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