Tuesday, May 24, 2011

South Paws and Other Things

I am unsettled today...really I have been for a while now. I can't seem to get focused and get things in order and focus...I really REALLY gotta find a job, start classes or something. My brain is turning to mush!!

I've been on a bread baking jag lately. I found this wonderful website, "The Fresh Loaf" and I have been playing with the Lessons that the site offers. Lesson one is a very basic loaf and it works beautifully. Lesson two is a little more advanced and makes an even better loaf. I actually turned that recipe into a really nice olive/ feta loaf. Worked very well and was quite tasty. 

With the same Lesson Two recipe I attempted to make hamburger buns, I weighed out the dough at 2.5 oz each, let them rise and cut the tops. Let's say that they were good, and everyone likes sliders...My sliders just happened to be a really good BBQ ed burnt ends.  If you don't know burnt ends...they are the wonderful trimmings from smoked brisket. Ours come every week from "Cotton Eyed Joe's BBQ", food is great, people are wonderful. We eat there every Sunday. If you are ever in Noel, MO definitely worth the trip!

This morning I set a sponge to rise and ferment over-night, this is from Lesson Three. Lesson three says to put it in the refrigerator, but I may just let it sit on the counter. I haven't decided yet. Then you finish the dough the next day and add the sponge for the flavor.  I will definitely keep you posted!

After the "Orange Roving of Death" I finally started to spin the brown Icelandic/Alpaca. I am happy to report that it was the orange roving. I don't know what the heck the dyer did to the wool, but my Lord, I couldn't spin it to save my life. I am spinning the Icelandic/ Alpaca for the Stripe Study Shawl I have a light brown in Icelandic/ Alpaca for the contrast color.

I am really happy with how it is turning out so far. I usually try to spin really thin singles and that may be the problem. I am working really hard to spin this a bit thicker to try and get a fingering/sock yarn once I finish and get it plied. When I pull it out and let it spin back on itself it looks like it may turn out really nicely.  I have hope!

Now then, to the South paw part of things.  Has anyone out there every heard of a persons dominate hand, ie lefty or righty, changing with age?  I noticed while spinning the other day that I can not spin with my right food treadling but I can spin well treadling with my left foot.  That's not all though. We are getting ready to paint S's bedroom and while doing prep work and feathering in around door trim and the ceiling, with my right hand, paint on everything. When I changed to my left hand...I had beautiful lines. Almost as nicely as if I had taped everything off. So I have been kind of watching and I guess maybe it's a mental thing, but I have begun to do alot of thing with my left that I use to do with my right.

Keep in mind I have never broken my right arm, hand or wrist. I have never had my right hand immobilized at all. My friend N asked it I was originally a lefty and made to change but I don't remember that. My father was a lefty and my son J is a lefty...I have always been a righty if not a bit ambidextrous.


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