Friday, May 20, 2011

Some Days Are Really Good Days

Some days really are very good days...I wish that I had thought to grab a picture of this when S and I were both still sitting around the table. 

Yesterday was a really good day. S and I repaired tack holes in her bedroom walls so we can start to paint so she can have a really cool bedroom.  R came over and we all baked bread...good for the soul.

We got to see friends that we haven't seen in a long time and the kids got to play the Xbox until way past bed time...but that was also a good thing. It made them very happy.

At one point yesterday, S, R and I were all sitting around this table knitting and visiting...that was very good for my have two of my most very favorite people in the world, not to mention that I am blessed enough for the two people to be my daughters, sitting around just knitting and enjoying each other...very good for my soul. I hope it was good for theirs too.

Now...about the table!!!!

For several years we have not had a dining room table...D and I have looked and kind of kept an eye out, but never found "the table".  Last Friday, on his way to work D stopped at a yard sale on our block and looked at this table and chairs. He called me and I walked down and looked at it...I asked the lady having the sale to put a sold sign on it and I would go get cash...

The table is solid wood...I think is drop leaf and has two other inserts that are stored in the table itself, so it gets bigger! Plus I got 4 chairs, two captains and two armless...for $75...for all of it!!!

Gotta tend the dragons...

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