Thursday, May 19, 2011

Orange Roving...*sigh*

This is the orange roving...I really loved this orange roving...the picture doesn't do the colors justice.   I blended three different colors so I would have a really pretty variegated yarn...nice smooth, consistent singles...I was going to Navajo ply them...the orange roving...DID NOT agree with this plan... I really don't know what the problem is with this roving or the blend of the three of them, but I could not make it hold a twist to save my life.  I was able to get a really nice consistent single, but then it would just...turn loose of itself.  I must have thrown away almost a half an ounce of single that just...turned loose.  I tried adjusting my wheel, how I drafted...nothing worked.

I finally decided to just see if I could ply the singles that I had and the more I tried to ply just...turned loose...I am just stumped.  I admit defeat.  I cannot spin this roving...DAMMIT!!!

Anyone in blog land want to try your hand at the orange roving, just drop me a comment and I will contact you about sending it to you. I have wound the singles on my ball winder and those are also included so you can see the singles that I have done with it.  Good luck!

On a happier note! I finished my "Stroller Blanket"! This is the first completed knit for my daughter R and my grandson JL or "Little DeWayne". Two more to go before June 4...I think I can, I think I can.

I am about 12 rows away from having the blue central motif on "Crazy Train" before I begin the second green boarder! This has been a wonderful knit. I have loved every minute of it...

This is my Icelandic/Alpaca roving that I got at Stringtown in Ft. Smith...I am hoping that the bad mojo of the "orange roving" doesn't carry over to this wonderfully soft roving.  I plan on doing a fingering weight yarn to do "Stripe Study".   While the picture doesn't show it, the dark is a beautiful chocolate brown and the light is a beautiful fawn brown and I think they will be perfect!

Oh yeah...for the record...week 3....IT WASN'T ME!!!!

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