Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crazy Train Has Rolled Into The Depot

I realize that it's been a while and I apologize. I have had some major blue going on. I wish I could say that I had started a new job, but no such luck yet. Still looking and working on not being too awful upset that the job hunt is going so slowly.

First things first...


Today is my daughter S's 15th birthday. So proud of the young lady that she is and excited to see what she will become!

Now, on to the Crazy Train.

Beginning the Steeking

Deep Breathing was going on to keep from passing out.

It didn't explode and unravel!!!!!

Gave it a bath and pinned it out.

Put a beautiful Batik back on it.

And finally finished Crazy Train!
I am very proud of Crazy Train. I really enjoyed this project. It was a relatively quick knit considering how large it is and that it is color work. I really feel like someone new to color work could manage this project.

Pinneguri, the creator of this beautiful pattern, is incredibly talented and has many, many more beautiful color work patterns. I would happily knit any of The Needle Lady's patterns anytime.

R was at my house when I finished the blanket and was excited to have it. I hope that Josiah will love it as much as I loved making it for him.

On to other things...

I have determined that July is going to be a month of UFOs. I have far too many hovering around and must get some finished. I have to say that I currently have...24 projects in process. This seems extreme...or rather I have been informed that this is extreme.

I am trying to figure out how to post a list of projects on my side bar, if anyone reads this and could tell me how, I would appreciate the help.

The top three in rotation are currently...Coming Home. I am currently on row 121 of 159. I also have 6 weeks until Josiah gets here. Tick Tock.

The Belt Bag. I am currently knitting the sides and bottom, it's one's just boring as all get out. 17 stitches in stocking net forever! I have it about half the way done. I haven't decided if I am going to do the cabled belt that goes around the purse yet.

Last but not least...Clapotis. I have actually frogged and restarted this project. I discovered about 3 repeats into the decrease section that I had neglected to drop stitches on both is actually about the same place as the picture on my Ravelry pages. So it's OK.

I hope to clear off a few things and get them out of the way. Then I can move on to bigger and better!

TTFN...gotta tend the dragons.

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