Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day!!!

Long time no blog is hectic. Of course, it is that time of year...Thanksgiving, J's 5th birthday, Christmas, New Years...closely followed by tax season and Valentines day and Easter...good grief but it is a mind numbing list...not to mention that I hate the commercialization of Christmas.

However, with yesterday being Thanksgiving I must say that I have a tremendous amount to be thankful for. 

This band of "goof-nuggets" are what I am the most thankful for. They, as a whole, make my world complete. While they all might make me crazy, it would truly be the end of me is anything happened to anyone of them.

We had a good turkey day. A total of about 20 people in all. We were fortunate to have all of our household and JM, D's sister and her husband, D's father and an assortment of extended family and friends. Turkey and ham, the turkey must have been good as there was none left!

I, D and all are healthy and in this economy, D and I both have jobs and we can pay the bills and feed the kids. Life is good.

In all of this I have started a new project. I frogged a sweater and started something new when I got done frogging it.  Since life has gotten kind of grey I decided to add some green to my life. 

What does one do when it's November and you have enough Cascade 220 wool in green for 2 sweaters? Why, what else nut knit the February Lady Sweater!

I was originally going to knit another sweater with this yarn, we went to Tulsa, Ok, approximately 2 hours from home, in probably 1 of 2 of the worst snow storms of year. The shop I wanted to go to originally was closed when we got there due to the 8 inches of snow on the ground and we were fortunate to find Loops,!

This is by far one of the best yarn shops I have been to. They have a PLAYROOM for the little ones and they have coffee and a TV room for the non-knitters of the group and we were nicely greeted with coffee and cookies. They were very welcoming and I would suggest it to anyone!

I would hope that this will be an easy knit, so far I'm still on the garter stitch yoke, but it really is about the only knit I have in constant motion.

I can't help but say again that this is by far the most family friendly yarn shop that I have ever been in. The wonderful woman and her husband were most friendly and helpful and even insisted on winding all the yarn that I bought so I wouldn't have to wind it by hand! 

I hope that everyone out there has had the good fortune of having health, and a job this season. If not I hope that the furture gets better for you.

Also, remember that this is a hard time of year for people. As humans and as individuals, we should take the time to treat all the people around us as we want to be treated and remember that life is hard enough without us all making things harder on each other. Be kind. Be tolerant and remember that a smile and a soft word make most peoples days much better and, somehow, kind treatment and a smile have a way of spreading...not to mention...the good a really good thing to have on your side.

Take to tend the dragons and make ginger cookies! ttfn

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