Friday, November 13, 2009

Since I Did Say Something About Knitting

Sorry for the long radio silence. Life is hectic and harried. I have been knitting though.  I finished the other half of "Insanity" and I have sucessfully completed, more or less, the left mitt of the "Podster" mitts by Glenna C. over at . I have to say for a first time mitt knitter, they could be addictive. Glenna does the best patterns though. If you haven't seen the "Wicked" or "Yellow Brick Road" socks you should go look, they are fabulous!!

Anywho...Here is a picture of the completed left mitt. I love the thumb. Yes, I am at work, yes I took these pictures on my iPhone...Like I said before...I LOVE MY IPHONE!!  One of these had better be soon...I need to learn to kitchner.  You see, these mitts and my stole "Insanity" both need to be kitchnered.

I have been reading Franklin over at and in his archives he fused some lace with a pass the slipped stitch...I wonder if that would work. If the "Big Man" himself came and said kitchner or buy UV 9000...I would be in the market for UV 9000.

But the mitts are great, my 13 year old S has claimed these. It's better that way, she has long pretty fingers instead of short fat ones.

Yes, that is a cap you see in the picture. That's what makes these great, warmth and function...of course there are 2 iPhones and 2 iTouchs in our house so these are popular.  R my 17, soon to be married...decided these were just the thing to try something small on dpns. She knits, well. She has made all sorts of hats and done a beautiful job. She also has small, pretty hands...ring size 5 1/2, don't ask me where she got them, they aren't mine.

I am using yarn that I bought at  Sager Creek Quilt Shop . Pam and her husband run a beautiful shop. Not only for fabric but also yarn and felting supplies. It was a hand painted sock yarn that I have since lost the name of the colorway and the producer. *Bad Knitter, Bad Knitter*

I am also using size 1 bambo dpn made by Addi, actually they are about 1 1/2, but they get the gauge right. Happily purchased at Hand Held Knitting,

Anyway, this is the right mitt and I am working on the fingers. I have the index finger done and hope to finish this weekend in the car.

ttfn...gotta go feed the dragons. :)

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