Monday, December 7, 2009

Some days....

I can't belive that it is almost 2010. I just did W's at work for 2008, now I am getting ready to do them for 2009. I went to a financial aid meeting for R...I still can't belive she is going to be leaving...she can't go...she isn't old enough...she was just born in September!!

Where did all the time go? When did she grow up? Where did my little girl go? Was I a good enough parent? Have I given her the tools she needs? The constant questions of self doubt and guilt.

I simply hope that the vacation home her therapist buys isn't as big as I think it's going to be. :)

Life has been so stressful and hectic. I wish I had a day...just a day.

Of course...J starts Kindergarden in August! Oh my God! Where did all the time go?

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