Monday, January 11, 2010

Well I've done it now...

Well, I did something I didn't think I would do...I added my picture and I really, really don't like the way I look.  It could have to do with the fact that I have a bit of a lazy eye, that is a story for another could be the huge red zit on my chin..gotta love mother could be that I'm so fat!! Anyway...

Well, I am in a knitting vortex...I really want to knit...I have yarn...I have needles...and the gumption...I just can't find...IT Does anyone else ever get that way? I picked up my Tree of Life afghan that is a couple of years old and have been working on that. It's on size 9 needles so it's a fairly quick knit project...but it's cream piece...kind of monotanous...not to mention, not a traveling project.

I wanted to do toe up socks...I really don't think I like toe up. I have tried to start these socks 20 times and I have finally got one toe started. I wanted to do 2 at a time, but the whole magic loop thing kills me.

I want an new sweater and have more than enough yarn...nice yarn...Rowan Silk Wool in chocolate brown...for a sweater, but the cables are identical and I want them to, if I could do it as one piece!! well...yeah.

I started a really lovely lace's pretty...simple...good travel...but...just not IT.

What it boils down to is trying to use up stash and wanting NEW, EXCITING YARN!!!! sigh...

I've also found myself waking up to the line of a MudVane song stuck in my head..."stand in the corner and scream with me!!" I think that would be take a minute and just scream. D says that it's because I'm not a "Happy Girl". I really don't think that is it. I love my family, him and the kids. I just don't feel like I have much control right now and I really hate that feeling.

I also know that I have lingering and latent issues about my father...can't explain it, would love to. It seems really strange to me that I haven't dreamt about him...he wouldn't talk to me when he was alive and now he shuns me in death...

I've been working on the weight of Sunday I'm at 296.4 lbs. Not too shabby. I would love to put a ticker on my sidebar, I can't figure out the HTML just yet but when I do I'll post it. If I could just get off the soda it would be a lot easier.

Well, the dragons are roaring and there is work to do, I'll post pictures in the next few days of the above projects...ttfn

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