Friday, January 15, 2010


This is truly insanity.  To recap...Bought the yarn in Kalispel, MT at a beautiful yarn, antique and chocolate shop, "Woolen Collectibles" . This is the "perfect" shop.

Anyway, approximately 1000 yards of lace weight Misti Alpaca, size 2 Addi lace tipped needles...a car with my partner D and 3 children...3000 miles from home...and I cast on 2 minutes after I got into the Pilot.  Like I said, insanity.

Another reason I call this insanity is because instead of doing this lovely pattern in one piece like the pattern was written, I decided that I would like for both ends to have the lace face the proper direction...insanity...I. Can't. Kitchner.

There, I've said it...I can't do the kitchner looks like cold barf when I try.  These two pieces have been completed for about 3 months...I still can't kitchner...I keep thinking that I will sit down infront of the laptop and watch a few videos and get it done...yeah.  I think that I will block both sides and that will make it easier...yeah. 

What I'm really thinking is that I am going to do a three needle bind off and then block it and say to hell with it! I mean really, the seam would be at the back of my neck! Who would know?...I would. I have decided that this weekend it the time. I'm going to just break down and do it.  God help me.

I took a personal day today...It has been really nice. I don't remember the last time I was in the house by myself...I also remember why I am not good "stay at home" material. I have been totally stir crazy. I've really worked all day via my iphone, and I LOVE my iphone! My office has called me 3 times, nice to know I'm missed.  I've done laundry, I cooked a piece of beef to make enchiladas, yum! I've watched bad day time tv.

I'm ready for Monday...

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