Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Zombies, Ravens, Dragons and Rain

I know, odd title...I've had a bit of stress lately. Well not just a bit, but a crapload. I don't deal well with stress. At least it seems that the older I get the harder it gets for me to deal with stress. I would really, really like to have a couple of days without stress. I don't see this happening, but I would really like for it to happen.

I have been dreaming of zombies and ravens and dragons and rain...according to the dream interpretation inner person is just really a very not so nice place right now.'s a bad thing.

I went clothes shopping yesterday and I don't know what it is about dressing room mirrors that make a person look so awful, but they do...could it be that these mirrors are the only "true" mirror. They show us as we truly are and not how we "think" we are?

I have gotten so fat, and I am adds so much stress to my life...

I just want to cry...

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