Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Really I do knit...

I did something odd I guess. I went back and read past entries of my blog...It's been a really hard year for me. I've had some really REALLY blue time. I think that maybe, just maybe I'm about done with that. While I am still looking for ways to deal with my stress and anxiety, I feel better. I still have the anxiety attacks and I still feel sad and angry alot, it doesn't seem to be in the same manic way that it was.

A dear friend of mine read my blog and told me it made her want to drink! I guess it might be time to lighten up, huh?  Though, this is where I tend to come when I need to talk something out and still will be...

I really do knit!!

I am proud to report that I finished the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket! I really don't know that I will knit this again. I think that the yarn had a lot to do with this not being a fun knit for me. I used Organic Cotton, yes...I am dumb. It really is an interesting technique and it was nice to only have to knit up the shoulders, but I am not completely sold on the pattern.

I have also finally finished my Nora Sweater. I really enjoy this sweater. I wear it alot. I actually finished the back, yoke and sleeves and seamed them together by Easter, but was really very disappointed with how it fit.  I thought that it would be a really wrap around you and snuggle sweater and it isn't.

I let it sit in time out for a couple of months and then decided to go ahead and knit the collar. Then, after talking to several people I discovered that this sweater sits at your shoulder and hangs, which is OK. I love the fact it is long, it covers my legs when I am in my chair at work and that is truly a good thing.

I finished knitting the collar and sewing it on in the truck, on the way to Clayton, July. It dawned on me that we were headed to the Northweast coast and I didn't have a sweater for the mountains. I finished this sweater about Amarillo, TX and the Cadillac Ranch.

I wore this sweater all vacation, my kids would commandeer this sweater on vacation and it is really comfortable. My only is pilly...I didn't realize that Cascade 220 would pill. The poor thing needs a shave!

I am going to try to get back more often with knitting content...not just the depths of blue. I won't say there won't be more blue, but I will try for less.

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