Sunday, April 7, 2013


Monogamy means different things to different people. To some it means that there is one and only one romantic some monogamy means boring and crafters...monogamy is a highly controversial thing...

As a partner, I am painfully monogamous...I'm old dog loyal to my partner...and I expect the same from him.

As a crafter...I tend to be a hussy...I have so many projects many things in the works...there are soooooo many patterns and projects...

I have about decided to try craft monogamy...Yes, that's what I said...project monogamy.

I really like the idea of finishing things...and I need some control...ok...I need a lot of control.

I gave up guilt for Lent and well, I have decided to continue with the giving up of one else seems to have guilt that makes them do refuse to feel guilt that is imaginary or that I create unnecessarily. I have given myself permission to be ok taking care of me and making decisions that make me happy...I have also decided that it's ok if I get angry or sad or blue...I just need to deal with the issues.

I find as I age that I am craving healthier things...That I want to have some order and control.

I will be posting pictures in a few days of the projects that I am going to practice monogamy with...I hope that it works.

Take care and be to tend the dragons...

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