Thursday, October 6, 2011

MyMemories...Of Childhood and a Giveaway!!!!

Hello Readers!! 

At least I hope that there are readers...

Sorry for the delay, school, life and everything else is still running full tilt and I seem to be on the side line trying to find a place to grab hold and get caught up.

My kitchen reminds me of childhood right now. Over the last three weeks I have been putting up peaches, peach butter and peach preserves...a faint fragrance of peach comes off me right now...but the jars sure are pretty in my cupboard, and will be really nice this winter.

I have been on a bit of a knitting hiatus, I just really don't know what I want to knit right now...some times, when I finish something I get kind of lost trying to figure out what to knit next. I have been working on "Off The Deep End" though. I have joined it in the round and I think I even did it without twisting! I am actually on row three of the lace pattern and I am happy to report that so far the cast on and the joining in the round is the worst of it. The lace pattern has been very friendly so far.

I have also started the "Skinner" hat. I am doing it in an old colorway from Sundara Yarn called Aurora Borialis, it is almost a blue/black with little points of light here and there. I am just on the ribbing right now on size US 1 dpns. I am looking for my US 2 lace addis for the body. I put them up so I would know where they were...I may never see them again.

School is kicking my butt, ok, algebra is kicking my butt. I have faith though. I will be successful, I have no other choice but to succeed.

Now!!!! There has been much excitement here at the dragon barn! I was approached by a company called "My Memories" to do a giveaway of their scrap booking software. I have played with it and it is really very easy to use and, keep in mind I don't usually scrapbook, I could see where this is going to become very addictive. In just a few minutes I was able to put together four album pages using a template and my own pictures.

Don't be put off by my color choices. There are tons of different styles, textures, patterns and add ons. You can use a template or create your own. It is really fun.

This software is really very cool. It has a feature to make cards and calendars and all sorts of things and then you can print them off or save them to your computer or a flash drive. I really enjoyed playing with it and over the school break in November I fully intend to make my Christmas cards with it.

To enter to win a complete version of the software all you have to do it visit their sight at: and look at the digital paper packs and/or the layouts that they have and come back here and comment about which was your favorite.

The website has a blog, they have youTube video tutorials and all sorts of things to help you along the way.

One entry per person, no later than 11:59 pm Sunday. I will use a random number generator to select the winner. I will announce the winner on Tuesday October 11 by 2:00 pm.

Good Luck! Thanks for reading! and TTFN


  1. Just now remembered you were having a giveaway and see that it has ended :(
    Is the consolation prize peach preserves? :)